Build a Startup with your Soul.

Soul Startup Studio sets out a new and out of the box path of building startups with purpose.

With talented people, an efficient process and a clear plan, we fight the 90% startup failure rate.

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Why Soul Startup Studio?

As we explore the question of life and our purpose on this planet, many of us turn to our deepest inner selves for answers. At the heart of this inner self lies the soul – that part of us that is not physical, but which experiences deep feelings and emotions.

For some, it is believed that this soul may even exist after death. But while we cannot know for sure, we believe that one thing is clear – to truly show our deepest selves and our unique soul to others, we must go beyond simply working for the money. Rather, we must build a startup that embodies who we truly are and what we care about most – a company that can reach and touch the lives of as many people as possible.

If you are ready to show your true soul and unleash your full potential, then take the first step and start building a startup that you love. Your soul will thank you for it later, and so will the world around you.

Soul Values

  • People

    We create a supportive and collaborative environment.

  • Process

    We have a clear and efficient roadmap for success.

  • Purpose

    We build meaningful and impactful startups.

  • Problem

    We identify and address pain points in the market.

Soul Studio Startups

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Our Programs

Founder Program

Be a future founder of your own Soul Startup.

We guide you from ideation, validation to operation. 

We make sure you are on the right path with our proven startup building roadmap. 

Parttime / Side hustle

Studio Program

Become a co-founder of our studio in-house startups. 

Ideation and validation is already taken care of by our core team.

We make sure the startup is a good fit and is ready for growth with a new co-founder. 

Fulltime / Main hustle

Talent Program

Become a startup talent!

Our talent program offers hands-on experience building startups with inspiring founders.

A great opportunity for students passionate about entrepreneurship.


Our Engine

Meet our dreamteam. 

From Soul founders to Soul Studio stars. 

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    The Light Club

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    Core Team

    Soul Startup Studio

"I've learned how to identify my interests and strengths, as well as the problems that are most important to me. With this knowledge, I can develop a startup based on my passions and goals."

Bodine, Founder Program